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We all love them, the good old cars. They remind us of days gone by and old friends, which is why we look after them like our own children. So it’s all the sadder when the car breaks down one day or you are involved in an accident in which there is supposedly nothing you can do to save it. But that’s exactly where we come in with our professional classic and vintage car service.

This is because CSB Schimmel Automobile GmbH is an officially certified specialist company for historic vehicles by the Central Association for Bodywork and Vehicle Technology (ZFK). This makes our company the largest contact for repairs to Hyundai and Mitsubishi vintage and classic cars in the Berlin-Brandenburg region.

For Hyundai and Mitsubishi enthusiasts, we offer innovation in the field of vehicle maintenance and care. Models over 15 years old can be placed in our capable hands for repairs and inspections. But we don’t just look after Hyundai and Mitsubishi vehicles, we also restore vehicles of all other brands to their former glory.

Mitsubishi classic car
Mitsubishi classic car
Mitsubishi classic car
Vintage car specialist

Vintage car specialist

We are an officially certified specialist workshop for historic vehicles by the Central Association for Bodywork and Vehicle Technology (ZFK).

A car is more than just a commodity. We associate it with memories, emotions and experiences. Maintaining such a piece of jewellery is a lot of work - we are happy to help you.

In the mid-1970s, Mitsubishi produced the well-known Celeste sports coupé. Its body is characterised by the special hatchback and the rear window cladding with plastic slats.

Mitsubishi has been building the Galant mid-size car for over 40 years since 1969 and is one of the Japanese manufacturer’s most popular models. Thanks to constant further development, the extensive export of the model was a complete success.

Our young and classic car services

With our expertise, your classic or vintage car is in the right hands with us. Our talented paint and bodywork experts will restore your classic or vintage car to its former glory. No matter how extensive the damage. If the car no longer runs as it used to, then it is in good hands with our professionals from the young and classic car workshop. Our mechatronics engineers are experts in their field. They will carry out a thorough diagnosis on your vehicle and do everything they can to ensure that your classic or vintage car runs smoothly again.

To ensure that you are always aware of everything that happens to your classic or vintage car at our workshop, we work with you to draw up a detailed order in accordance with the ZKF specifications. This report keeps you informed of the costs at all times. We also work closely with valuers and specialised DEKRA inspectors so that all the necessary documents for a historic number plate can be prepared and submitted.

Our experience

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of classic and vintage car servicing, we have already been able to realise several of our own projects in addition to refurbishing customer vehicles. One example of this is the Mitsubishi Celeste, which we restored to its former glory with a lot of sweat and passion. In order to pass on our knowledge to the next generation, we realise our classic and vintage car projects together with our paint & body and automotive mechatronics trainees. The last project that was realised by our trainees under the guidance of our competent young and classic car specialists was the repair of the Mitsubishi Lancer from 1978, which came to us as a total loss, which is why we were forced to bring another first-generation Mitsubishi Lancer to us.

Now we were able to turn two into one. Our hard-working apprentices repaired the parts of the bodies of the two vehicles that could still be salvaged and joined them together to form a coherent body. The trainees from the mechatronics department worked hard and were able to get one of the two engines running again with a great deal of sensitivity and patience. Our in-house Mitsubishi Lancer was thus completed and finally registered again in autumn 2023.

Two Mitsubishi Lancers in classic car workshop Berlin
Apprentice works on the Mitsubishi Lancer
Mechatronics engineers and trainees work on the Lancer engine
Mitsubishi Lancer is registered by Oldtimer Service in Berlin

Your classic and vintage car workshop in Berlin

To summarise, we can say that we are the perfect contact for your old Hyundai or Mitsubishi. Thanks to our expertise and our experienced staff, we offer a comprehensive service for your classic and modern classic car. So if there are any problems with your classic or vintage car, we won’t let you down!

Mitsubishi Lancer from 1986 in the test

Your contact persons

Bernd Gille
Standort: Berlin-Hohenschönhausen

Bernd Gille

Master bodywork and paint

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