Our approach to sustainability

The topic of sustainability encompasses far more than environmental and climate protection. A company acts sustainably when it pursues economic, environmental and charitable goals at the same time. However, Schimmel Automobile also places a strong focus on protecting the environment and climate.

In the following, we would like to scrutinise our company together with you from the point of view of sustainability. We want to show you what sustainable measures we have already implemented and what goals we have set ourselves for the future.

Pillars of sustainability
Pillars of sustainability

Our current goals

Photovoltaic systems in Bernau and Hohenschönhausen

2024 & 2025

One of our biggest CO₂-saving projects is the construction of photovoltaic systems on the roofs of our shops. We will install the first system at our Bernau branch in 2024. After the first system in Bernau, the plan is to also equip the roof of our main branch with PV systems in 2025.

Preparations for the implementation of solar systems in our operations are already in full swing. The roof of the Hohenschönhausen branch was renovated in spring 2022. We are now starting to convert the roof in Bernau, which will also integrate a photovoltaic system.

The renovations that have already been carried out and those still to be completed will also improve thermal insulation. This means that our sales and service areas will heat up less in summer and prevent less heat from escaping through the roof in winter. We will achieve considerable energy savings through better additional thermal insulation alone.

By installing photovoltaic systems on our roofs, we are taking a big step towards our goal of reducing our emissions as much as possible. The expansion of renewable energies makes a significant contribution to sustainability. For this reason, the installation of PV systems with their own storage system was taken into account when planning our new roofs.

The first system on Schimmel’s roofs is due to go into operation as early as 2024. By utilising solar energy, we want to reduce the CO₂ emissions caused by our operations and at the same time minimise our dependence on fossil fuels.

Schimmel relies on state-of-the-art LED technology for its lighting. Since 2021, we have been gradually replacing our fluorescent tubes with more efficient LED lighting. Our goal is to have only environmentally friendly light sources in use in all our branches by 2027.

The Bernau branch has been completely LED-lit since 2021. This was followed in 2022 by the workshop at the Schöneweide site and the paint shop and exterior lighting at the Hohenschönhausen branch. We aim to complete the full conversion by 2027.

LED lighting not only impresses with its higher energy efficiency. Their longevity also reduces the consumption of resources. No toxic mercury is required in the production of the light sources. Modern LED technology also scores points for its high lighting quality. In the case of mould, we use sensor-controlled light switches to further reduce energy consumption.

Ecological sustainability

Hyundai Santa Fe alternative drive

Alternative drives

Alternative drives at Schimmel:

Waste separation

Clean separation of our workshop waste is of the utmost importance to us. After all, waste is an important raw material. If we are aiming to move from a throughput economy to a circular economy, separate collection and disposal of waste is essential.

Remondis special vehicle

With Remondis, we at CSB Schimmel achieve efficient and low-emission transport of our workshop waste.

We have also concluded a contract with Remondis to optimise the transport of our waste. The service provider for recycling and disposal issues has developed a special vehicle to ensure the professional removal of workshop waste from all branches.

The MOBIWER service vehicle has various collection tanks, containers and storage compartments. Our typical workshop waste such as used oil, brake fluid and coolant, oil-based operating fluids, oil filters and car batteries can therefore be removed in a single journey. This saves journeys and reduces emissions.

We cover a significant proportion of the costs incurred by employees for the BVG monthly ticket. In this way, we want to motivate employees to use public transport to get to work.

Energy management in operation

Charging stations

Charging stations

CSB Schimmel offers several charging stations for electric vehicles at each location. Our first charging station was installed back in 2014.

Since then, we have invested heavily in expanding our charging infrastructure. We currently have 8 charging points at our largest branch in Hohenschönhausen, 6 charging points at our branch in Bernau, 3 charging points at our branch in Schöneweide and 2 charging points at our branch in Spandau.

These charging points charge our vehicles that are ready for your test drives, as well as all plug-in hybrids and purely electric vehicles that visit our workshop. These charging processes save around 19,600 kg of CO₂ per year.

Since January 2022, CSB Schimmel has been using electricity generated exclusively from 100% renewable energy sources at all locations.

The natural electricity is generated from a range of different energy sources. These include solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, biogas and geothermal energy. By switching to natural electricity, we are making an important contribution to climate protection.

This decision not only protects our environment. We are also promoting the urgently needed further expansion of sustainable energy plants in Germany. This is because electricity is still largely generated from coal, nuclear power and natural gas.

Schimmel relies on state-of-the-art LED technology for its lighting. Since 2021, we have been gradually replacing our fluorescent tubes with more efficient LED lighting. Our goal is to have only environmentally friendly light sources in use in all our branches by 2027.

The Bernau branch has been completely LED-lit since 2021. This was followed in 2022 by the workshop at the Schöneweide site and the paint shop and exterior lighting at the Hohenschönhausen branch. We aim to complete the full conversion by 2027.

LED lighting not only impresses with its higher energy efficiency. Their longevity also reduces the consumption of resources. No toxic mercury is required in the production of the light sources. Modern LED technology also scores points for its high lighting quality. In the case of mould, we use sensor-controlled light switches to further reduce energy consumption.

CSB Schimmel uses frequency-controlled compressors to generate compressed air, thereby significantly reducing energy losses.

Another important retrofit took place in 2020. A new compressed air system was installed in the Hohenschönhausen branch. With the “Fokus Control2.0 system” from Boge, we have further optimised our branch in terms of energy efficiency. The variable-speed compressors supply our mechanics with exactly the amount of compressed air they need.

The following applies to compressors: the more fluctuations there are in compressed air demand, the greater the energy savings from frequency control. As the compressed air requirements of our workshop are variable, we utilise the frequency-controlled system to exploit great energy-saving potential. So far, we have only used such a system in our largest branch, as this is where the greatest demand for compressed air occurs.

With our high-speed sectional door with extremely fast opening speed, we minimise heat transfer and air ingress and egress in our main branch.

One of the advantages of high-speed sectional doors is the increased operating efficiency, which is why we decided to install them in our largest branch in Hohenschönhausen. With an opening speed of 1 metre per second, it is four times faster than a standard sectional door. The high-speed sectional door from ASSA ABLOY also minimises heat loss, limits draughts and thus helps us to save energy.

If energy is already saved at the door, the entire building also saves. Doors are the obvious weak points of a workshop when it comes to maintaining the indoor climate. They are thinner than external walls and allow external weather influences to penetrate the building as soon as they are opened. Our doors have to be opened and closed many times a day. That’s why automatic doors are a necessity for sustainable commercial buildings.

CSB Schimmel switches from conventional to performance-regulated heating pumps. We have been driving forward the replacement of our heating pumps since 2020. We are gradually switching from conventional to power-regulated heating pumps in our buildings. The advantage of this modern technology is that the pump output is regulated automatically depending on the current heat demand. This makes them particularly energy-efficient. At the Hohenschönhausen and Bernau sites, we have already exclusively installed power-regulated heating pumps.

We reduce our electricity consumption during painting by using speed-controlled ventilation systems. Schimmel Automobile has its own paint shop, which was retrofitted with state-of-the-art technology in 2016. By retrofitting our paint booth, we were able to significantly reduce our electricity consumption. The annual energy saving is between 15% and 35%.

Social sustainability

Social sustainability refers to the preservation and promotion of a just and inclusive society by taking into account the needs and rights of all people. Social responsibility towards our employees and partners is a fundamental component of our corporate culture.

Sports promotion judo development association
Free sports bus since 2016
Go-kart team event
Go-kart team event
B2Run company run
B2Run company run
"How do I help myself" workshop course for female employees
"How do I help myself" workshop course for female employees
Füchse Berlin sports promotion
A fox drives a grey horse
Foxes mobility partner

Sponsoring - Involvement in professional sport

We have been a sponsor of the professional handball club Füchse Berlin since 2018. The Berlin handball club is a special club for many locals. The great atmosphere at events and the sporting performances inspire the dedicated fans. Recently, sustainability has also become a growing concern for the club.

The first division club and CSB Schimmel share a high level of motivation, team spirit and productivity. This is also reflected in the endeavour to reduce the company’s CO₂ emissions.

The special thing: The cooperation creates symbioses that go beyond marketing and the provision of vehicles. By sharing knowledge and experience, they support each other in achieving their individual sustainability goals.

The commitment of Füchse Berlin is in line with the basic values of CSB Schimmel. That’s why we decided to forge an even closer partnership after the first few years of working together. At the start of the 2021 season, Schimmel Automobile became a premium partner of Füchse Berlin.

To find out more about our joint projects, click here.

We have maintained a close partnership with Sportforum Berlin since 2016. It is particularly important to CSB Schimmel that children, teenagers and young adults have access to sporting activities.

We therefore support regional sports clubs and equip them with our vehicles. CSB Schimmel has been providing a sports bus free of charge to financially weak sports clubs in the Sportforum Berlin since 2016. The bus makes it possible for the clubs’ teams to travel together to training courses, competitions and training camps.

**Since 2021, we have been supporting **Tennisclub Schwarz-Gold**, located in the heart of Hohenschönhausen, with regular donations. The club offers numerous sporting activities for children, young people and adults and organises various events to bring the neighbourhood together.

Since 2022, wehave been a proud partner of the Friends of our nearby lakes Obersee & Orankesee e. V.. The association is committed to developing the area, creating a local network of citizens, protecting the environment and nature, promoting dialogue through various events and planning and implementing environmental and species protection measures as well as landscape conservation work.

CSB Schimmel pays each employee an inflation compensation bonus of €3,000

CSB Schimmel was proud to announce to its team and the teams of its subsidiaries that the company is now able to pay the employees of the company group up to an additional €250.00 net per month, starting with this payroll.

To find out more, click here.

As a socially committed employer, we also endeavour to assume social responsibility towards our employees. We want to give something back to our employees by organising joint activities and celebrating goals that have been achieved.

Economic sustainability

Of course, a company must also act in an economically sustainable manner in order to continue to exist in the long term. A company is economically sustainable if it invests sustainably. This involves investments in both tangible and intangible assets.

Our largest investments in tangible assets in recent years have already been described under “Climate and environmental protection”. The sustainability of investments in intangible assets will therefore now be assessed.

CSB Schimmel Automobile is one of the largest Mitsubishi, Fuso and Hyundai dealers in Berlin. Since 2020, we have also been offering a range of small up-and-coming brands. These include MG Motors and MAXUS.

With these 6 progressive brands, Schimmel is well positioned for the future!

Hyundai sustainability


Hyundai has been recognised as one of the most innovative vehicle manufacturers for over 50 years. The brand is characterised by state-of-the-art technology from development to production. It draws on decades of experience to constantly develop better products.

The South Korean manufacturer covers all vehicle types, from small cars to luxury cars, from coupés to SUVs.

With its innovative technologies and pioneering spirit, Hyundai is increasingly establishing itself as a leading manufacturer of alternative drive systems. Hyundai is setting new standards with the goal of making its products and operations climate-neutral worldwide by 2045. This makes the brand a constant source of inspiration for CSB Schimmel when it comes to sustainability.

With the production of its first vehicles in 1917, Mitsubishi is one of the most traditional car brands in the world. To this day, the manufacturer is considered a safe choice for high-quality vehicles and equipment.

We therefore deliberately stock the popular Mitsubishi brand in our dealerships. Mitsubishi has set itself the goal of zero CO₂ emissions by 2050 in line with its Environmental Sustainability Vision.

Advanced technology, functionality, safety and an environmentally friendly driving experience - that’s what MG Motors stands for. Since its foundation in 1924, MG has stood for progress and today is characterised by future-oriented electromobility.

That is why we at CSB Schimmel have decided to offer all available models of the brand in our car dealerships.

FUSO already had the vision of emission-free driving over a decade ago. The brand therefore focussed on this for its commercial vehicles. Thanks to continuous development work, this idea has now become a reality and numerous fleets have been equipped with fully electric lorries.

In 2010, the technically fully functional and ready-to-drive Canter E-Cell prototype was presented. The first fully electrically powered eCanter truck followed in 2016 and was subsequently produced in series. Various weight classes, body and equipment options cover almost all applications. With the NextGeneration eCanter, FUSO has developed a sustainable alternative for transport service providers in the city.

The innovative commercial vehicles from MAXUS are ideal for use in cities and urban centres. Electric vans are a suitable alternative, especially in view of the increasingly stringent environmental standards.

With the EV80 and eDELIVER, the MAXUS portfolio includes 3 modern, fully electric vans. Thanks to a wide range of superstructures and equipment options, we can offer our business customers environmentally friendly transport vehicles for their fleets.

Economic sustainability

Regular training for employees

In terms of sustainability, the further training of our employees is an important point. We focus on learning and improving professional and social skills. The training courses reflect the various areas in our company. They range from training on systems and the workshop to communication.

In 2022, CSB Schimmel organised over 100 training and development courses. These took place as group seminars or individual coaching sessions - in person or online. Maintaining expertise, healthy dynamism and progressive thinking ensures sustainable growth for our company. This is why we will continue to prioritise the further training of our employees in the future.

Further training of employees

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