Bear-Lock theft protection

At the Schimmel Automobile service workshop, you can have the Bear-Lock anti-theft device installed in your vehicle on request. Car thefts often happen in a very short time. An additional immobiliser makes it more difficult for car thieves to steal your vehicle and increases the chance that the attempt will be aborted.

Car theft protection

Optimum anti-theft protection for your car

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Bear-Lock anti-theft device

Protect your vehicle from unwanted access with the state-of-the-art Bear-Lock anti-theft device. The car anti-theft device is effective against common theft attempts. We will be happy to order and professionally fit the Bear-Lock anti-theft device to suit your vehicle type. The gearstick lock is customised for each vehicle.

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Additional information on Bear-Lock anti-theft device


The locking system of the gearstick lock (gear lever lock) works with internal or external locking bolts. When reverse gear (manual transmission) or park position (automatic transmission) is engaged, it is impossible to unlock the vehicle. The mechanical anti-theft device can be easily activated with two fingers within a second.


The Bear-Lock anti-theft device is firmly mounted at existing points on the vehicle body below the centre console and cannot be removed thanks to the shear bolts or nuts. It is made of powder-coated hardened steel material. It is protected against known break-in methods such as vibration, picking, drilling, pulling or freezing. Ergonomic and easy to use, it can be operated with one hand, while unintentional locking while driving is prevented. The Bear-Lock anti-theft device is maintenance-free, power-independent and can be retrofitted. Recommended by the State Office of Criminal Investigation and numerous car magazines, the Bear-Lock anti-theft device is certified by TÜV Nord.

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**Certified partner:**Installation is carried out exclusively by expert and certified partner workshops, such as CSB Schimmel Automobile.

**Experience:**Our team is made up of numerous master craftsmen, automotive technicians and automotive mechatronics engineers who have extensive knowledge in the installation of anti-theft systems.

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**Customer service:**Your satisfaction is our top priority. We dedicate the necessary time and attention to each consultation in order to cater to your specific wishes and requirements.

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The advantages of effective anti-theft protection for your car

Proven quality

Bear-Lock has stood for high quality and continuous development in the field of anti-theft devices since 1991. Bear-Lock also fulfils the high standards of the TÜV test.


Bear-Lock emphasises its commitment to quality with a five-year guarantee on all anti-theft devices.

Fast fuse

Your vehicle is fully secured within a few seconds. What’s more, no additional mounting and dismounting is required.

Durable materials

With a powder coating and made of hardened steel, the system is maintenance-free and promises lasting stability and reliability.

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