Tyre change in Berlin

Tyre and wheel change

Our service for tyres

Just in time for the change of season in spring or winter, some preparations are also due on your car. The right tyres for the upcoming weather conditions are important in order to reach your next destination safely. We are your reliable partner for servicing your car. Make an appointment at one of our four locations for your next tyre change.


Small car tyre change
  • Wheel change up to 16” (all 4 wheels)
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from 34,00 €
SUV tyre change
  • Wheel change from 17” (all 4 wheels)
  • From Hyundai Kona
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from 38,50 €
Tyre storage

from 61,00 €
Tyre change and storage for small cars
  • Wheel change incl. storage up to 16”
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from 95,00 €
SUV tyre change and storage
  • Wheel change incl. storage from 17”
  • From Hyundai Kona
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from 99,50 €

Seasonal tyre change

According to the well-known rule “from O to O”, winter tyres are used from October to Easter and summer tyres from Easter to October. The correct tyres for the respective season ensure the necessary grip and avoid unnecessary dangerous situations. Our service workshop is ready to change your tyres just in time for summer or winter. We change your tyres quickly, cheaply and easily at one of our four locations in Berlin-Brandenburg. In the meantime, we’ll be happy to store your tyres for you.

Self-check your tyres - our tips:

  • The recommended tread depth for safe driving is 4 mm. Take particular care not to go below the legal minimum of 1.6 mm.
  • The recommendations for your vehicle model can be found in the petrol filler cap or on the driver’s door.
  • You should invest in new tyres after a maximum of six years.
Wheel assembly

Wheel assembly

Anyone who has ever changed the tyres on their vehicle knows how time-consuming the process can be. We take this work off your hands. Our service staff will change your summer or winter tyres with routine.

When wheels are changed, they are balanced as standard. This corrects what is known as an imbalance. Imbalances can be caused, for example, by general wheel wear and increased stress due to road conditions. Potholes put mechanical stress on the rim and can subsequently impair driving behaviour. The resulting imbalance can cause unpleasant vibrations when driving, which can lead to one-sided wear of the wheels or damage to the vehicle. In our service workshop, we check and correct the imbalance when changing tyres, if necessary by precisely measuring and balancing with weights on the rim.

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