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Retrofitting marten protection

In spring, the risk of martens attacking vehicles and causing considerable damage through their bites increases significantly, which can sometimes result in high repair costs. Owners of vehicles with combustion engines are particularly targeted by martens in spring, as the animals are attracted by the cables and hoses installed in the engine compartment and the heat emitted there. The damage that these small predators, which are around 50 centimetres long, can cause is often considerable and can lead to costly repairs. It is therefore very important to take preventative measures to protect against marten bites.

In contrast, owners of electric vehicles can breathe a sigh of relief. The high-voltage cables in electric models, recognisable by their orange colouring, offer improved protection against marten bites thanks to their design. They are sheathed in a corrugated plastic tube, under which there is a metal braid shield. This design not only protects against electromagnetic interference to the on-board electrical system, but also against physical damage from martens. An additional hard plastic cover around the cables almost completely minimises the risk of a short circuit in the high-voltage system caused by marten bites.

Marten bites cable

Retrofitting marten defence

Marten bites cable

Retrofitting marten defence

Protect your vehicle from marten damage with our efficient marten defence. Our systems use ultrasound and high voltage for reliable protection.

Effective marten defence: ultrasound and high voltage


The marten defence system comprises an ultrasonic device supplemented by an additional loudspeaker. It generates ultrasonic waves that are inaudible to humans and give the marten the impression of great danger by imitating animal cries of fear and warning. To prevent the animals from becoming accustomed to the sounds, the frequency of the ultrasonic tones varies continuously. The ultrasonic device is maintenance-free and, thanks to its robust design, is both impact and splash-proof, guaranteeing a long service life and reliable use in a variety of conditions.


High voltage

For even more effective protection of your Hyundai vehicles against martens, we recommend our high-voltage marten repellent system. This system not only includes a scent mark remover and an ultrasonic device with varying frequency, but is also supplemented by six stainless steel plates that work on the principle of a pasture fence: They generate a high voltage at low amperage in short pulses. This method trains martens to avoid vehicles whose engine compartments they can only enter at risk. An extension set with additional contact plates is also available to extend the protection area as required.


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Why CSB Schimmel Automobile

**Many years of experience:**Our team is made up of numerous master craftsmen, automotive technicians and automotive mechatronics engineers who have extensive knowledge in the installation of marten defence systems.

Transparent communication: We attach great importance to transparency in all aspects of our work. This means that you will receive clear information about the process, costs and timescales before, during and after the installation of your marten repellent system.

**Fast appointment booking:**You can conveniently book an appointment to retrofit a marten repellent system using our online appointment scheduler.

Workshop employees

Risks without effective marten protection

Cable and hose damage

Martens tend to bite cables and hoses in the engine compartment. This damage can lead to costly repairs, especially if important electrical systems or lines for fuel, brake fluid and cooling are affected.

Loss of value of the vehicle

Regular damage and repairs can reduce the resale value of your vehicle.

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