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The abbreviations HU and AU stand for main inspection and emissions test. As a new car driver, you must have your vehicle inspected for the first time after three years and then every two years. To ensure that there are no surprises, we prepare your vehicle for the HU/AU appointment. If we discover any defects relevant to the inspection, we will discuss these with you immediately. In addition to our Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Fuso, MG and Maxus brands, we also carry out the HU/AU for all other brands. Simply get in touch with us or make an appointment online.

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HU & AU: Our services for your vehicle

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Main inspection

The main inspection (HU) ensures that your vehicle fulfils the legal requirements, promotes road safety and contributes to environmental protection. The general inspection thoroughly examines your vehicle to confirm its suitability for the road.

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A preliminary inspection before the main inspection (HU) is your key to trouble-free registration of your vehicle. It helps to identify and rectify defects at an early stage so that your vehicle performs optimally at the MOT.

Information on HU & AU

**Main inspection (HU):**Since its establishment in Germany in 1951, the main inspection has served to certify compliance with the legal requirements for vehicles. Vehicle owners are obliged to have their vehicle inspected at regular intervals. This inspection is a must for all vehicles registered on the road, including passenger cars, motorbikes, classic cars and trailers.

**Exhaust emissions test (AU):**Since its introduction in 1985 as the special exhaust emissions test (ASU), the independent testing of vehicle exhaust emissions was integrated into the regular main inspection in 2010. In the past, the focus was mainly on checking compliance with emission limits for older vehicles. Nowadays, qualified experts not only assess these aspects, but also the engine management and the increasingly complex exhaust gas purification systems. The aim is to minimise harmful effects on health and the environment. For this reason, the name of the emissions test was changed in the 2000s to “Examination of the engine management and exhaust gas purification system (UMA)”.

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Why CSB Schimmel Automobile

**Expertise and experience:**Our master mechanics, automotive technicians and automotive mechatronics engineers are highly experienced and have extensive knowledge of all vehicle areas.

State-of-the-art diagnostic technology: We use state-of-the-art equipment for precise inspections and diagnoses.

Transparent service: There are no hidden costs with us. All recommended repairs are discussed with you in advance.

**Customer satisfaction:**Our goal is your complete satisfaction. We endeavour to carry out all inspection and maintenance work to your complete satisfaction.

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Road safety

Without regular MOTs, it is not possible to ensure that a vehicle is roadworthy. This means that significant defects may be overlooked, which could jeopardise the safety of the driver and other road users.

Fines and penalties

In many countries, including Germany, regular MOTs are required by law. Driving without a valid MOT sticker can lead to fines. If the due date is significantly exceeded, even points in Flensburg or driving bans are possible.

Problems with insurance cover

In the event of an accident, the absence of a valid inspection sticker can lead to insurance companies reducing benefits or, in extreme cases, refusing them altogether, especially if it is established that the accident was caused by a technical defect that could have been recognised during an inspection.

Loss of value of the vehicle

A vehicle without a valid MOT can lose value, as potential buyers often attach importance to a complete maintenance history and compliance with statutory inspections.

Difficulties with resale

When selling a vehicle, the lack of a current MOT sticker can be an obstacle. Many buyers prefer vehicles that have been recently inspected and for which there are no immediate additional costs for inspections.

Legal consequences of accidents

If a vehicle without a valid MOT is involved in an accident, there may be legal consequences for the owner in addition to insurance problems, especially if it can be proven that the technical condition of the vehicle played a role in the accident.

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