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Retrofitting parking heater for Hyundai and Mitsubishi

In the icy winters, defrosting the windscreen is a daily challenge for many drivers. For Hyundai and Mitsubishi vehicles, we offer the retrofitting of a Webasto or Eberspächer parking heater, which not only increases comfort, but also helps to maintain the value of your vehicle. With a parking heater, you can enjoy a pre-heated car even in sub-zero temperatures.

The Webasto parking heater is characterised by its low fuel and power consumption and preheats the interior and engine of your vehicle efficiently. This means that icy windows, a cold interior and cold engine starts in the cold season are a thing of the past. In summer, you also benefit from the practical ventilation function of the parking heater, which cools your vehicle down to a pleasant interior temperature.

Whether you drive a Hyundai or Mitsubishi, retrofitting a Webasto or Eberspächer parking heater is an investment in your driving comfort. With a parking heater, you are well prepared for winter conditions and can look forward to a warm and inviting driving experience, regardless of the outside temperature.

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Car parking heater from Webasto & Eberspächer

De-icing the vehicle

Retrofit parking heater

Equip your Hyundai or Mitsubishi with a high-quality parking heater from Webasto or Eberspächer for the winter months and experience the comfort of getting into a pleasantly pre-heated car at any time.

Water-based parking heater

Water-based parking heaters are characterised by their compact design and are easy to install in the engine compartment of cars. They transfer the heat generated by their combustion chamber to the vehicle’s cooling water. With the help of a pump, the heated liquid is distributed in the system even when the engine is not running. Water-based heating systems are not only useful for heating the vehicle interior, but also for preheating engines. A preheated engine starts more easily at low temperatures, which also reduces the load on the battery and minimises exhaust emissions when starting.

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Why CSB Schimmel Automobile

**Experience:**As an official authorised dealer for Hyundai and Mitsubishi, we have in-depth technical understanding as we work with the brands’ models on a daily basis. This expertise enables us to offer you first-class parking heater retrofits that harmonise perfectly with your vehicle.

High-quality products: We use quality products from leading manufacturers such as Webasto and Eberspächer to ensure that your vehicle is equipped with the most reliable and efficient parking heater technology.

Transparent communication: We emphasise transparency in all aspects of our work. This means that you will receive clear information about the process, cost and timescale before, during and after the installation of your parking heater.

**Fast appointment booking:**You can conveniently book an appointment to retrofit a parking heater using our online appointment scheduler.

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Increased comfort

A parking heater ensures a pre-heated vehicle and ice-free windows, saving you time in the morning and allowing you to get straight into a warm car without the usual ice scraping.

Protecting the engine

Preheating the engine with a parking heater contributes to a more even operating temperature, which minimises wear and potentially extends the service life of the engine.

Contribution to environmental protection

In contrast to warming up the engine when stationary, a parking heater reduces fuel consumption and therefore also emissions, which makes a positive contribution to environmental protection.

Increase in the value of the vehicle

The installation of a parking heater can increase the resale value of your vehicle, as it is a desirable additional equipment that increases comfort and safety.

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